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The Computer Center
Serving all your computer needs since 1995

Solving all of your computer and networking needs since 1995

We have watched computers become vital to our everyday lives.  Whether you are using your computer to conduct business, keep in touch with family, or just play games, using a computer has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Because your computer is more than just a luxury, it and the data that it contains is important to you.  Come by 259 Bronco Lane Beeville or call 362-2999

...Your information is important to you,
and that makes it important to us...

Most people do not realize that there are ways to repair a computer without losing all of your information and settings in the computer.  Most of the larger computer manufacturer's tech support centers first solution to fix a customer's computer is to erase the computer and reload the original software. We believe that erasing your information from your computer should be a last resort, and not the first step toward a repair.  We will not erase your information without consulting you first, and offering an option to save your information.

...erasing your information should be a last resort...